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Competencybook gives unparalleled access to meaningful information quickly and efficiently


Review existing and new data to create targeted, measurable and meaningful development initiatives.


Build beautiful, customizable, easy to use capability assessments and employee surveys.


Measure the development and growth of your staff with highly visual re-assessments comparing ‘before’ and ‘after’ snapshots and identifying trends in engagement of your people over time.


Use our data analysis tools to easily understand group-wide trends. Gain powerful insights into your employee feedback data in clear, visual and meaningful style. Overlay data collected by us with external data sources to understand the bigger picture driving your employee success and happiness. 

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Competencybook - Capability Assessment Software

Competencybook is more than an assessment tool - it’s a full capability framework platform designed to make building, deploying and managing employee assessment initiatives extremely straightforward. When the assessment is over, Competencybook keeps working, offering post-assessment development tracking and progression assessments.


Then there’s the reporting. Beautiful, meaningful, easy to interpret reports for individuals, groups and the enterprise. Whether it's overall capability levels of a team, a breakdown of most commonly developed activities or results of employee engagement feedback, Competencybook gives unparalleled access to meaningful information quickly and efficiently.

Competencybook Capability Assessment Software
Competencybook - Capability assessment software features

Competencybook Features


  • Everything is customized to suit each of our client’s requirements. From user experience to assessment styles and workflow, to individual and group reporting. It looks and feels like your product, not ours.

Ease of use

  • It’s incredibly easy to manage and many mundane tasks can be streamlined or even automated. We administer and manage all aspects of the employee assessment process from start to finish on your behalf.


  • Competencybook uses powerful business intelligence tools to deliver data analytics that are above and beyond anything our industry peers have seen. 

    • Data from multiple sources integrated into one unified report. 

    • Employee engagement results reported alongside individual leadership capability assessments to show how leaders engage their people. 

    • Future potential estimated from current performance by aligning third party psychometric and personality assessments to capability assessments.

    • Career pathways from functional assessments delivered in any one of the 18 supported languages - it’s all possible.