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It is no secret that employees feel valued when management communicates with them in a way that ensures their feedback is valued. So how can we do that in a seamless way that encourages buy-in?


Historically, a competency-assessment would result in a 20+ page PDF, printed out to be discussed with the manager and often requiring a psychology degree to comprehend. This report would more than likely be quickly filed in the bottom drawer of the employee’s desk, with the hopes of being forgotten by the time their next review would come around on the calendar again 12 months later. Static reporting like this garners lethargy in participants instead of being regarded as a pre-cursor to a formal training event.


However, with a dedicated assessment platform, global administrative support and an intuitive, dynamic, interactive online reporting system, suddenly the assessment becomes something to be valued. You can find out more about the value of Profiling Online 4.0 online reporting here: "Online interactive reporting – why is it so special?"


Once the report has been completed, it is essential to follow through with a tailored development plan. When an assessment is woven into career development, employees feel nurtured, supported and ultimately, valued.


Global leadership Development experts DDI, define engagement as, “the extent to which people enjoy and believe in what they do and feel valued for doing it.”


Employees who are encouraged to develop skills, in a way that gently identifies the areas in which they may need improvement, are more able to focus on their career development as added value has been gained by determining how important those capabilities are to their current or future roles. Thus, the development plan aids in this discovery for both employee and manager and becomes a road map to the employee’s future. Pulse surveys set up along the path of the year ahead, become a cohesive implanted tool for the employee, thereby assisting in their career development.


Allowing the latest technology to be your driving force, combined with transparent communication, employees are provided with the motivation to be heavily involved in their assessment, and managers are allowed the freedom to focus on achieving their goals.


Where others finish, is just the beginning for Profiling Online, offering a much more targeted approach which is specific to the needs of your organisation. Profiling Online 4.0 is your intuitive end-to-end single source for employee feedback and development. We provide a dedicated, strategic view of organisational development, integrating different sources of feedback in a unified approach. We are the vehicle travelling with you along the life-cycle of the assessment; competency, employee engagement, team feedback, pulse surveys to see progression over time - and more. We provide your centralised hub supporting company strategy.




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