Understanding Organisational Insights



Getting Organisational Insights from 360 Feedback 


Individual reporting is incredibly beneficial for personal and individual behavioural change, but the scope of competency assessment is far wider than that. Using the outputs of a competency or capability framework to drive organisational change, and align it to external data sources, gives a richness to the results that ultimately has an impact on ROI and the effectives of the assessment.


The base necessity of reporting is relatively simple – you need to be able to understand scores at a point in time for any particular subsection of a group of people who have gone through a competency assessment, and being able to filter, compare and contrast demographic information in order to make reliable decisions on what to do with that information. However, there are many other areas that business intelligence reporting can, and should, provide.





Competency Development


In understanding competency scores on an individual level, we are able to focus personal development and target areas of strength and blind spots. However, through focusing competency scores on a wider team or organisational effort, we are able to drive wider talent and culture programs to address areas of concern within the organisation.


Capturing scores at not only points in time, but also comparing competency scores through progression assessment by way of re-testing and pulse assessments, allows us to not only see if the competency assessment process is targeting the right areas, but also allows us to justify the assessment program as a whole. Seeing the tangible results of a competency assessment come to life helps justify the wider assessment and development process from an ROI perspective.



Development Plans


Competency assessment loses its effectiveness if it is not directly linked to behavioural development of the participant. Creating individual development plans is just one step in the process, however it can be hard to track what people are doing with the development resources given to them and making sure that the right areas are being focused on.


Even harder to do is track the development of individuals across the organisation. An ideal scenario is being able to identify, based off the importance and ratings of each competency, which areas need to be developed most. Doing this, and then tracking the individual development plans, allows us to see whether or not people within the organisation are on the right track in not only using development interventions available to them, but also whether they are developing the right areas on the whole.





Overlay of Data Against External Data Sources


One of the best uses of business intelligence and big data in the back end of a competency assessment process is the alignment of that data to third party sources of information, such as engagement scores, sales metrics, talent scores, and psychometric data. Doing this allows us to identify correlation between areas of leadership or functional competency and these external sources. Understanding whether individuals who show, for example, high levels of leadership competency are also highly-engaged in the workplace allows us to drive future culture programs and align good leaders to the organisations values. Understanding whether someone who meets a certain sales quota displays specific functional sales skills means that we can drive technical training to focus on areas that lead to success within a sales team. The possibilities of alignment here are tenfold, when used effectively, and also understanding the nuance of correlation not necessarily meaning causation.



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