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A challenge faced by many organisations in their competency assessment endeavours is getting high completion rates by chosen participants. Feedback is a critical first criterion in many development programs, and the need for good quality 360-degree feedback reports is often hampered by a lack of completion.

It’s a double-edged sword.....

While extremely important to ensure rater autonomy by enforcing a minimum number of raters per category (we recommend three completed raters per category excluding managers), it’s also important to stick to project deadlines and have reports made available by a certain date, particularly if debriefs are scheduled or development programs are in place. It can be a costly exercise to reschedule debriefs at the last minute because you’ve just found out that only a handful of people have offered their feedback up to that point!

We know that great quality reporting is essential to effective employee feedback but before that happens, how do you take control of your survey projects, meet deadlines and reduce risk?

We’ve recently introduced our online, interactive and mobile-friendly completion tracker. In real time, you can now understand your project completion rates, visually identify non-compliance with minimum reporting requirements, filter by reporting availability and issue reminders to incomplete participants, all from one easy-to-use dashboard.

With visual, interactive macro and micro-views of your project completion rates, driving completion has never been easier.

Reduce the time to report availability and ensure you remain GDPR compliant when sharing completion statistics with your project teams.

The Innovation Lab

The Innovation Lab is a collaborative business unit that is dedicated to the continued enhancement and increased capability of the Profiling Online software and employee assessment platform.


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Sample Reports

Access a sample of our; Online Interactive report, Business Intelligence report and comprehensive PDF assessment report.

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'Designing and Implementing a Successful Competency Assessment Program'

This eBook focuses on the core challenges faced by talent managers when implementing assessment initiatives and aims to answer the questions raised when designing the process.

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