Profiling Online launches one of Australia’s largest employee engagement surveys

Profiling Online is delighted to launch one of Australia’s largest employee engagement surveys to a major Australian and international financial institution. Historically, employee surveys of this magnitude were laborious and time consuming, with static reports made available to only the top of the organisation, and in many cases, weeks if not months after the event. Difficult to drive change and growth with this approach, our client chose Profiling Online to give them the cutting-edge technology to deliver the agile results they needed.

Over 32,000 employees now have the opportunity to take part in a survey measuring engagement across all the core values held by the institution, with every business unit housing a subset of questions unique to them.

Instead of cumbersome paper-based reports delivered a considerable time after the survey is completed, Profiling Online’s powerful online interactive reporting gives managers at every level access to their engagement scores in a visual, easy to understand manner. Comparisons against historical team scores, business unit and companywide comparisons and external norms are all included – meaning managers, and the organisation as a whole, can react faster and with more accuracy to the topics that matter to employees – and all within 5 days of survey close.

Profiling Online 4.0 is a GDPR compliant, mobile-friendly, access on-the-go platform providing aggregated group analysis and information on the critical priorities and leverageable strengths of an organisation in real time feedback through easily navigated online interactive reporting.

The Innovation Lab

The Innovation Lab is a collaborative business unit that is dedicated to the continued enhancement and increased capability of the Profiling Online software and employee assessment platform.


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Making Feedback Simple is a podcast designed to do exactly that - make the process of gathering and acting upon employee feedback a simple task! We work through different elements of the feedback life cycle with expert help and special guests.

Sample Reports

Access a sample of our; Online Interactive report, Business Intelligence report and comprehensive PDF assessment report.

Complimentary eBook

'Designing and Implementing a Successful Competency Assessment Program'

This eBook focuses on the core challenges faced by talent managers when implementing assessment initiatives and aims to answer the questions raised when designing the process.

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