Online interactive reporting – why is it so special?



If you have gone to the effort of creating your assessment framework, it is essential the report that is generated from the capabilities assessed delivers usable insight and valuable data. Your framework is your IP and can evolve as your organisation does. Profiling Online 4.0 provides an interactive reporting experience from start to finish of the employee assessment and development lifecycle, interconnected and woven together to create a seamless assessment journey for individuals, leaders and organisations.


Thousands of employees can be assessed and reported on simultaneously with ease, allowing for a report with depth and breadth of capabilities. Managers have full visibility of their team at their fingertips, making the laborious to navigate, multi-page PDF a thing of the past. Quite simply, reporting is the most valuable and beneficial part of the assessment process, and innovative online reporting ensures the lifespan of the report is maximised.


An assessment is only as good as the ease of the report to understand and implement. If the employee is only focussed on what they need to work on, and not how they can reach their goals, the assessment could be considered unworthy of the time spent. The development plan aids in this discovery for both employee and manager. Pulse surveys set up along the path of the year ahead, become a naturally embedded assistant to the employee, aiding in their career development.


Organisations benefit by being able to easily see trends in data, overall team strengths and development opportunities, how development effects capabilities over time and what the most effective way to develop capabilities will be. Profiling Online 4.0 data intelligence and insights, is a group reporting tool with built-in data analytics allowing managers to seamlessly interrogate organisational data providing a high-level summary and then drilling down into minute detail, to focus on critical priorities and assess leverageable strengths with consistency.


When you consider deploying employee assessments, leadership assessments, employee development plans or employee feedback surveys, you may not think this could possibly be a seamless, intuitive process. As company culture and core values become a more imperative driving force than ever before, reporting on how a company is perceived has never been more vital.


Assessment reporting needs to be clear, easy to understand and interpret, lack any form of ambiguity, and give valuable insights into current strengths and development opportunities. This is precisely what the focus of Profiling Online is. We are your nimble technology partner, allowing you the freedom to focus on reaching your organisational goals.



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