Measuring capability? Help users to help themselves.

Over the past few years, we have seen significant expansion in the development and adoption of 180° assessment initiatives designed to measure and develop functional or role-based capabilities. In particular, functional areas of sales, marketing, project management, accounting and information technology seem to be, for us at least, areas of significant growth and adoption of this form of employee development.

The benefits of this are significant: Uptake in 180° functional assessment lets employees take more control of their development, aligning their specific role-based capabilities to relevant and more meaningful development. While we have long recognised the value in 360° assessment, this has predominantly focused only on leadership or core values. 180° capability reviews help employees to have more frequent development conversations based on what they need to develop for their current or future area of expertise or role within the organisation.

But, with this growth comes a real challenge for HR and talent practitioners – how to manage this adoption successfully without becoming over-burdened with time-consuming administrative work. Capability assessments after all, tend to be centrally managed and distributed by HR, so how do we support HR without the encumbering workload?

The answer, for a growing number of our clients, is employee self-registration. With the freedom to self-register, employees can take better control of their own feedback and development while HR can still maintain active controls over who gets what. Individuals can complete a tailored registration form and within minutes be completing a self or 180° development journey relevant to their role. HR meanwhile, have instant access to the metrics that matter – usage, completion rates, overall all strengths and development opportunities across the business and most commonly developed capabilities as chosen by individuals.

Organisations are finding that in giving employees the freedom to embark on their own assessment journey, is resulting in greater employee buy-in. People are more invested in the opportunity for self-development, upskill and potential career progression.

The success of this approach speaks for itself. Just recently, we have helped a major financial institution to create a self-registration, feedback and development portal for its staff, along with a global FMCG leader to make self-assessments available to its retail store network and a major technology and electronics conglomerate to facilitate new manager assessment and development worldwide.

We have many more opportunities to explore the democratisation of functional and role-specific 180° assessment. Reach out to us if you would like to learn more.

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