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After receiving this recent feedback from a client in the health insurance space, it led us to investigate what is behind the great feedback we receive. While we are 19 years old in Australia, and have always had international clients, we have just turned 1 in the UK and have found the response to be the same across the globe. Our support team interviewed a number of our clients to ask them why they felt this sort of feedback was warranted. These candid conversations with our clients enabled us to gain a deeper understanding about what the competency assessment alternatives are, and look more closely at what we are doing differently. The overwhelming feedback was that traditional competency assessments used one of 3 ineffective systems:


  1. Large mainstream talent management systems, which rarely deliver the flexibility large organisations require, along with having poor reporting outputs, and non-existent group reports. For many talent management platforms, competency assessment is only a component of the performance model, which in itself is the wrong place to position an assessment for a development initiative;

  2. So many clients have experienced the traditional software approach of buy, install and take the reins. Whilst this might work for some organisations, it begs the question, “what long term interest does a purely software sales approach have in the success of your organisation?”;

  3. We continue to be surprised by how many organisations are still using tools like excel and other inefficient, insecure methods to drive competency assessments not a fit-for-purpose solution to provide truly automated and anonymous feedback. The time lost to organisations using such outdated methods of capturing vast amounts of information is unfathomable.


The wonderful feedback we receive from our clients is symbolic of what we have taken away from our clients, not just the dynamic technology we provide them. We combine the latest technology with an off-site administration team who will manage the ongoing administration for you, such as rolling out and managing surveys. We develop the competency assessment solution based on the client’s needs. We believe in tight partnerships with our clients, building custom solutions and always looking for the ways to best enable the organisation. We give clients the freedom to focus on achieving their organisational goals. We see longevity. 


We strongly believe this should be the way clients are looked after. If you can’t say the same for your talent assessment capabilities, listen to what some of our other clients say about us: and give us a call.


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