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By Isabella Geor - Client Services, Profiling Online

The challenging shift of the current environment over the last few months, has impacted employees in different ways. When each day is uncertain, the mental health of employees becomes a concern, with many feeling stressed and anxious. It can become difficult for employers or managers to understand the well-being of their employees and the current health of the organisation when there is already a disconnect from working remotely. Profiling Online’s Pulse offers companies a free tool to assist with exactly this, understanding and measuring the behavioural change among employees and capturing employee feedback over a period of time.

Our Free Pulse provides customers with an opportunity and the ability to build a short and interactive survey within minutes, solely based around a customisable question library and rating scale. With the user-experience in mind, our pulse is completely mobile-friendly, where users are able to invite individuals or a group of people to provide feedback on their own views or, as a collective, within a set timeframe and set frequency, with an outcome of live reporting which allows a user to track pulse results at any time.

Sending frequent pulses overtime to the same audience, can assist to measure many behavioural factors ranging from employee well-being, levels of engagement, skills, motivation or organisational values and culture. Some of the benefits that pulse surveys provide to these behavioural factors and to a company include:

  • Improved employee well-being – the well-being of employees is strongly related to the happiness of employees. Using pulse surveys to improve and determine employee happiness, will also assist to improve their overall health.

  • Enhanced employee engagement – employee engagement is strengthened by asking employees for feedback at regular intervals.

  • Clear motivational understanding – choosing the right questions to ask employees will ensure a greater understanding and perception of employee motivation.

  • Positive organisational culture – an organisation who invests time in employee feedback creates a more engaged and positive environment.

  • Company consideration – asking for employee feedback frequently, illustrates, through a company’s actions, that they care about the voice of their employees.

  • Open communication – pulse surveys help to promote an environment of open communication and allows employees to share opinions, ideas, and suggestions easily.

Many employees do not know if, or when, they will return back to their offices and some are struggling to continue working remotely. Pulse surveys are a new way to help employees feel re-connected, to better understand their concerns and provide a solution that turns feedback into improvements for employee well-being and the future workplace environment.

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