Create an effective leadership program by tapping into your employee engagement survey




Recently, a study by Deloitte determined that 56% of top executives think their company is not able to support the requirements their leaders need to succeed. This would explain the 10% increase on leadership development programs in 2015 alone – equating to massive $31 billion.


Companies spend a lot of time and energy creating new leadership programs from scratch; but how many actually look at incorporating their employee engagement data into the fold? An insightful employee engagement survey is a gold mine from which you can build effective, organisation-wide leadership programs. Here are 3 reasons why you should consider the data.



A simple question that generates a plethora of information


How do you rate your leader’s engagement? How do you rate your direct report’s engagement? >> OR is it “how do you rate your level of engagement?”


Effective leadership will help to drive effective and engaged employees. Conversely, ineffective leadership will disengage employees and create a culture of potential unhappiness or dissatisfaction.


Such a simple question will provide important clues as to how engaged staff are with their leaders and the organisation. From here a robust employee engagement survey should provide insights into a broad range of experiences, attitudes and sentiments that you can pull into designing your leadership program.



What makes a ‘great leader’ in your organisation?


Everyone knows without great leaders, companies face an uphill battle to achieve success - let alone merely survive in today’s dynamic business environment.


In addition to collecting raw data and tracking work processes and practices of leaders, input from all stakeholders is invaluable. Your employee engagement survey can help you understand what senior leaders, middle management, team leaders and staff actually think and feel about the leadership they experience and highlight any disconnects between the organisation’s desires and reality. Using this real, on-the-ground data from your employee engagement survey can provide an honest definition of great leadership for your organisation. It would be a waste to ignore this in your program design and more broadly, when determining the core capabilities and measurements required of leaders across the organisation.



Let all of your data talk to each other


It is surprisingly common to find organizations stuck in their old ways of maintaining separate data silos for different areas of the business, and building very different leadership programs.


Instead of narrowing in on data specific to a single division, look at the comparisons beween divisions across the whole organisation. How does leadership and engagement differ between divisions? What are the employees saying that is different?


As well as employee engagement data, what other measures does your organisation have that you can use to inform your leadership programs? Data that is very useful for measuring effective leadership and thus building the program is staff retention, and looking at the correlations between engagement, retention, and effective leadership.


Profiling Online is working with a number of best-in-class organizations to help integrate and align data and metrics generated at both the staff and leadership level, across the whole organisation to uncover meaningful insights.


What does your current employee engagement survey look like? Is your organisation using the data as well as it can be?


If your organisation struggles to gain valuable insights from your HR systems and processes, then we invite you to watch our video and learn how Flight Centre revamped their old, outdated systems to create a solution that allowed them to achieve their business goals and objectives.


Click the image below to watch the video now:



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