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According to Josh Bersin, principal at Deloitte Consulting, the HR technology market is on the brink of total reinvention - focusing on people analytics, continuous performance management and employee engagement. He outlines these trends and more in his new report, ‘HR Technology Disruptions for 2017’. In this week’s blog, discover how Lendlease has implemented a similar train of thought, using a leadership assessment to help senior staff understand the impact they have on their teams.



HR platforms are changing


The HR technology market is yet another industry that has experienced digital disruption, with major technological changes due to the shift from cloud to mobile; analytics and artificial intelligence; and the emergence of video, social, behavioral economics, and wearables.


These new technologies, experiences and designs are making traditional HR platforms obsolete and changing the way we manage and develop people. As new tools and strategies are needed to make decisions easier and more measurable, the need for assessment being relevant and aligned to key business objectives is increasing.



A unique approach to assessment 


With this idea in mind, Benjamin Morris, Head of Performance, Executive Compensation and Global Projects at Lendlease decided that it was necessary to go from assessing a small cohort of senior staff for development, to assessment of all their leaders worldwide for development, assessment and performance purposes. Morris believes that is was important because leadership behaviors are critical to achieving business objectives and explained;


“Leaders need to understand the effect they have on who they manage and how they as individuals measure up against the business capability framework”.


To achieve this, Morris chose a leadership assessment that uses reporting capabilities to help them understand the impact they have on others and how that feeds into the overall performance process. This is then separate from the tools used to facilitate performance reviews because these types of assessment processes can result in less candid, honest and constructive feedback because of the perceived link to job and salary. 

To assess a large number of leaders globally, they needed:




Why you should align assessment to business strategies?


Lendlease has demonstrated to be a leader in their field by not only helping their leaders understand the influence they have over performance, but by making the assessment of leaders relevant to the business and aligning it to the overall strategy, priorities and goals. This has resulted in driving success for their performance management process and empowers high performing leaders with tools and insights to directly affect the bottom line.


This is a unique approach to leadership assessment because traditionally most only focus on development opportunities, which is great for the individual, but not necessarily for the enterprise if that person decides to leave.


If you are a HR Director that is not currently seeing the results from your talent development program, then we invite you to watch a video about the benefits of aligning leadership assessment to key business strategies.


Watch the video now by clicking the image below!




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