360-degree feedback assessments and Deloitte: A case study.

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Traditional approaches to competency assessments, or indeed many forms of employee feedback, typically result in a PDF report and a feedback conversation around a table. While many organisations move to agile workforces, flexible working and digital technology, this raises the question, 'why has our approach to competency feedback not evolved?’

And indeed, why are we at Profiling Online, still feeding this tired approach with our countless pages of wasted paper. I recently estimated that if every report we distributed in the last financial year was printed, we would be responsible for over 7 million A4 pages and the demise of countless trees.

Last year, we made the decision to reassess our approach and ask ourselves ‘how can we do better?’, and so after 6 months of development, our online interactive feedback reporting was born. While our users can still opt to download a PDF report, our first-year results indicate that users are overwhelmingly supportive of moving to online reporting.

This line of thought, led my team at the Profiling Online Innovation Lab, (the clever people who create the ground-breaking ideas in the world of employee feedback), to really examine why users were moving rapidly to online reporting and how we can continue to move past ‘old world’ practices.

Yes - it's mobile friendly. Yes - it's easy and intuitive to use. Yes - it offers the flexibility to receive or debrief feedback remotely and across any device. Yes - It shows the same information in a few simple clicks that a printed document takes 20 pages to show.

But more importantly, we feel our users move this way because it turns a static long-winded document into a tactile, visual and highly informative information source – and takes the user on an end-to-end personalised assessment and development journey.

As such, our users are able to reflect on their feedback and interact with learning and support resources aligned to their chosen competency. They can take notes, set reminders, share with their leaders and add rich content to support their development activities.

A feedback report has now become much more than 'just a report' – it has become a real-time development resource and something they can use over and over again. And importantly, lends itself to todays flexible and agile work environment and need for access “on the go”.

Not forgetting our People Leaders - the ability to access team results at the touch of a button will lead to easy processing of information and more effective and proactive team development.

I and the Innovation Lab are pleased to say that the results are ‘beautiful in their simplicity’ and pushes the boundaries of modern day competency assessment reporting.

Tom Power

Chief Executive Officer Profiling Online

Case Study

One of our most successful users of online reporting would be Juliet Bourke from Deloitte. This month I’ve had the pleasure of chatting to Juliet, who leads Deloitte Australia's Diversity and Inclusion Consulting practice. In partnership with Bernadette Dillon, Juliet co-leads their Leadership practice and together the duo have been the creators of a powerful and unique competency assessment solution known as the ‘Inclusive Leader’ profile. Used by major Australian and international organisations, this unique diagnostic helps to identify leaders' perceptions about their inclusive leadership capability and thus capability to adapt to and lead within a diverse workplace.

Juliet Bourke - Deloitte.

Juliet: Thanks so much for asking us to talk about our Inclusive Leadership Assessment (ILA). Great timing as we have just found that we are a finalist in the Australian Psychological Society 2017 Workplace Excellence Awards for the ILA! It’s a fantastic validation of the importance of our work and the impact we are having with clients.

By way of background, it’s easy for people to be inclusive of others who are similar, it’s much more challenging to be inclusive of people who are different. And yet that is what is required of leaders who work with diverse employees, diverse customers and in diverse markets. In fact our research reveals that a correlation between being a highly inclusive leader, employee’s feelings of inclusion and business outcomes.

At the start of this journey, we spent a long time assessing what it means when some people say that they feel excluded, while others say they feel highly included. We summarised our findings in: Waiter, is that inclusion in my soup. We could see that leaders were a key driver of those outcomes – in their 1:1 interactions, how they lead a team and how they shape the business. So we turned our attention to leaders to understand what leaders think about and do that leads some employees to say they feel included, whilst others do not. Critically, we identified leaders who broke the mould. These leaders made a broad group of people feel that they felt included – and by that we mean, that they were treated fairly and respectfully, that they were valued and had a sense of belonging, and – most importantly – that they felt psychologically safe and inspired to do their best work. We defined these people as “highly inclusive leaders”. We published our findings in the Six Signature Traits of Inclusive Leadership.

The ILA is a 360 tool designed to assess the degree to which leaders are perceived by others as inclusive, and then to help them improve their capability. Essentially, like any 360 assessment tool, the ILA holds up a mirror. It’s generated very impactful coaching conversations and I am very hopeful that it will be game changer.

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Sample Reports

Access a sample of our; Online Interactive report, Business Intelligence report and comprehensive PDF assessment report.

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