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Innovation Lab

The Innovation Lab is a collaborative business unit that is dedicated to the continued enhancement and increased capability of the Profiling Online software and employee assessment platform.

Employees who are encouraged to develop skills, in a way that gently identifies the areas in which they may need improvement, are more able to focus on their career development, as added value has been gained by determining how important those capabilities are to their...

After receiving this recent feedback from a client in the health insurance space, it led us to investigate what is behind the great feedback we receive. While we are 19 years old in Australia, and have always had international clients, we have just turned 1 in the UK an...

If you have gone to the effort of creating your assessment framework, it is essential the report that is generated from the capabilities assessed delivers usable insight and valuable data. Your framework is your IP and can evolve as your organisation does. Profiling Onl...

A challenge faced by many organisations in their competency assessment endeavours is getting high completion rates by chosen participants. Feedback is...

Competency Assessment users are moving towards more innovative and interactive ways of online reporting and development. This month we had the pleasure of chatting to Juliet Bourke from Deloitte, read how Juliet and her team lead the way with their ILA...

With the news in the April 2015 edition of the Harvard Business Review that Deloitte is joining the likes of Accenture and Adobe and dumping the performance review, we examine the case for using a competency assessment in its place.

Authors Marcus Buckingham and Ash...

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Sample Reports

Access a sample of our; Online Interactive report, Business Intelligence report and comprehensive PDF assessment report.

Client Videos


- Commonwealth Bank

- Flight Centre

- Lendlease

Complimentary eBook

'Designing and Implementing a Successful Competency Assessment Program'

This eBook focuses on the core challenges faced by talent managers when implementing assessment initiatives and aims to answer the questions raised when designing the process.

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