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The Innovation Lab is a collaborative business unit that is dedicated to the continued enhancement and increased capability of the Profiling Online software and employee assessment platform.

How does my 360 report help develop my people?

If the primary goal of a 360 feedback assessment is to encourage and facilitate individual and organisational development, then the question needs to be asked, does my report lead to clear development interventions?

There are...

How should I design a 360 feedback report? The true value of a competency assessment comes in the subsequent reporting and development...

By Isabella Geor - Client Services, Profiling Online

The challenging shift of the current environment over the last few months, has impacted employees in different ways. When each day is uncertain, the mental health of employees becomes a concern, with many feeling stres...

Our migration survey is designed to help you identify any gaps in your current assessment capabilities and identify what is important to you.

"How do we effectively gather and tangibly measure feedback while not having face-to-face conversations, and continue encouraging effective change management within our workforce? We believe the answer lies in pulse assessments."

As the landscape of work has changed...

Nomination Process – Pre-nominated or nominate your own?

When launching your assessment process, consider whether you want each individual to nominate their own raters, or whether or not you want to pre-nominate the raters for that individual. The thought process behind...

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Making Feedback Simple is a podcast designed to do exactly that - make the process of gathering and acting upon employee feedback a simple task! We work through different elements of the feedback life cycle with expert help and special guests.

Sample Reports

Access a sample of our; Online Interactive report, Business Intelligence report and comprehensive PDF assessment report.

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Complimentary eBook

'Designing and Implementing a Successful Competency Assessment Program'

This eBook focuses on the core challenges faced by talent managers when implementing assessment initiatives and aims to answer the questions raised when designing the process.

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