Beautiful, customizable capability assessment software 

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Struggling to maximize your capability framework?

  • Difficult to build and roll out tailored assessments
  • Time consuming to administer and support
  • Lack of an easy to use and intuitive user experience 

Is your capability assessment software challenging to use?

  • Lack of a dedicated assessment platform
  • Meaningless or confusing reporting capabilities
  • No process for follow-up and development of your people

Lack of a compliant and secure enterprise solution?

  • Lack of a clear global data privacy policy
  • Insufficient technical infrastructure capabilities
  • No global compliance expertise 



  • As a large enterprise, developing the capability of people is essential. We know the challenges that arise when you are required to implement and manage numerous capability frameworks to geographically dispersed audiences in a user friendly, efficient and timely manner.
  • Investing in a capability assessment platform that delivers results fast and drives the outcomes you want to achieve with your employee's development and growth, will ensure you retain and develop a capable and highly effective workforce.


We've found Profiling Online to be incredibly collaborative and adaptable in setting up and rolling out our capability surveys. Their wealth of experience not only enables them to easily provide solutions to any issues we identify, they also readily come to us with new ways of thinking around getting the most out our data.

Liv Sutton
Corporate HR Manager

  • Inefficient systems limit your ability to effectively implement and manage an assessment process. Using mainstream talent management systems to facilitate highly customized assessments is like using a square peg in a round hole.
  • An effective solution should consist of easy to use software designed purely for the purpose of assessment and development, making the whole process faster, easier and delivering meaningful insights at an individual, group and organizational level. It should offer your people more than just a one time assessment, it should give them an ongoing development and collaboration result.





  • Finding a solution that can meet your rigorous data protection, privacy and compliance requirements at a national or global level can be challenging.
  • It's essential that the solution you choose is compliant with local privacy regulations and satisfies not only your requirements, but also your group wide IT and data compliance policies. You need proven global cloud solution experts.

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