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Improving the capability assessment process and delivering tangible organizational development solutions

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Profiling Online provides assessment and engagement tools that give your business a completely customized solution designed with your specific needs in mind. We build innovative and unique solutions that simplify the way companies conduct their talent assessment initiatives. From comprehensive 360-degree feedback reviews to 180-degree functional capability assessments, team assessments and employee engagement surveys, we create beautiful tools to engage the participant, streamline the process and deliver exceptional and meaningful reports and insights. We partner with major corporations around the world to not only improve their assessment and feedback process, but deliver long lasting development solutions, year after year.


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“Global leadership capabilities are critical to us achieving our business objectives. We needed a platform that was easy to roll out, included dynamic reporting and would help our participants understand the impacts they have on their teams. Profiling Online's approach stood out from the competition with entirely tailored, customizable assessments, reporting and analytics. They were responsive to our needs, flexible to requirements, understood internal limitations, and were able to turn around an excellent solution in a tight time frame. I'd recommend Profiling Online to anyone that needs a capabilities assessment platform for a similar purpose."

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Competency and capability assessment software
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Our platform is known as ‘Competencybook’. It's a web-based platform designed with the enterprise in mind. It’s extremely robust, customizable and very easy to use.

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We manage your assessment projects from start to finish. That’s the only service we provide, and we do it exceptionally well. We build your capability assessments, design your platform, and work with you to create a completely unique and highly customized solution that meets your enterprise requirements. 

Competency and capability assessment services